Bob's Sub About

Stop in at Bob's Sub in Pennsylvania, our booths and tables are comfortable for your dine-in experience.

Bob’s Sub Since 1973

It started back in 1973 when "Big Bob" Woolston opened Bob's Sub shops in Clarion and Slippery Rock. Bob's style of sub, with a toasted sub roll, top quality meats, cheeses, and vegetables, topped with his secret mayonnaise and homemade Italian dressing, soon became a college town favorite.

When Bob retired, these two locations were sold and the current owners, who operate their shops independently, still serve up Bob's amazing subs.

Having experienced Bob's legendary subs firsthand, high school friends and young entrepreneurs, P.J. Fleck and Jimmy Nagle, decided it was time to bring Bob's subs to the masses.

So, in May of 2011, through an agreement with the Clarion owner, they formed Bob's Sub, Inc. and in August 2011 opened their first Bob's Sub on Philadelphia Street in Indiana, PA. With the addition of their new locations and even more planned, Bob's cult following continues to grow and inspire P.J. and Jimmy to bring the magic of Bob's Sub to a neighborhood near you!!"